The Kelly Kettle

Boil, Fry, Bake in the Wild with this Perfect Kettle Kit from the 1890's - The KELLY KETTLE



  • Protects against viruses, bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness
  • Independently lab tested, durable and BPA Free
  • Every fill avoids single use plastic bottled water!
LifeStraw Membrane Ultrafilter Removes:
  • 99.999999% of bacteria 
  • 99.999% viruses
  • 99.999% of parasites 
  • 99.999% of microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness 
  • Pore size: 0.02 micron
  • Lasts up to 4,755 gal | 18,000 L

Case of Humanitarian Daily Ration MRE (Meal, Ready To Eat)

Each case contains 10 HDR MRE Packs. Each HDR MRE provides an average of 2,200 calories (10-13% protein, 27-30% fat, and 60% carbohydrates) and contains 2 Entrees, Side dishes, Dessert/Snacks, Crackers or Bread and an Accessory pack containing Utensils, Gum, Napkin/Towelette and Seasonings like Salt, Pepper and Sugar. These are perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, survival, prepping, etc. Properly stored, these meals can last 10+ years. HDR MRE packaging is designed to withstand rough conditions and exposure to the elements. There are no Heaters Fresh, great tasting and a long shelf life makes these a must have for camping, hiking and emergency prep/survival needs. MREs do not have an expiration date. They have an inspection date and a pack date. The Inspection date is three years after the pack date. Inspection date is when cases are inspected to verify they are still fit for consumption.

Berkey Water Filter

If you are looking for the very best in water filtration that can be used everyday or in the event of an emergency with no electricity needed, this is the gold standard! Filter water at any level of contamination and recieve safe to drink water in little time. This is a preppers dream.

Food Storage Suggestions

I recommend either of these options for inexpensive food storage. That said there are numerous options and whatever fits your needs best will work. You can even make your own! It's as easy as buying buckets and filling them with rice, beans or grains. Just make sure you have something.